Open Source Vacuum Cleaner

This is the home of the Open Source Hardware Vacuum Cleaner Project.

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Open Source Vacuum Cleaner

Mark II

Our modern lives are dependent upon proprietary technology which few of us could explain let alone understand how it works.

A growing number of people are reacting to this proprietary technology by building their own devices, so called Open Source Hardware (OSHW). This project explores the application of OSHW to the design of every day objects, taking the ubiquitous vacuum cleaner as it's subject.

To learn more about the Open Source Vacuum Cleaner visit the wiki here


This project started life because I wanted to explore the use of Open Source Hardware and the application of The Makers Bill of Rights and The Fixer's Manifesto to the design of every day products. Looking around the home I realised that the vacuum cleaner is one of those products that is fairly expensive, often susceptible to breaking (and expensive repairs), and was electrically much simpler than TVs, Radios and Washing Machines. I then set about tearing apart a Argos Value vacuum cleaner, and a generously donated Dyson DC-11 to discover their secrets. Along the way after a lot of research I finally came up with a working model, it didn't take 5,000 prototypes this time!


I am a MA Design Interactions student at the Royal College of Art (RCA), this is my final project at the RCA.

Using this project

The on-going work on this project and the decisions that led to the current outcome can be viewed on my blog. This git:hub repository acts as the source of finished files and outcome, the wiki will be where the instructions are documented in the end.